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Tuesday, May 04, 2004


What is patriotism and how should a patriot respond to crisis?

There are those who believe that a patriot should fall in line behind the government diatribe. Follow without questioning no matter how stupid the government acts. One can understand the feeling of a crowd of supporters and the energy this swell of support gives to a cause. The way the United States rallied to enter and win World War II could be an example. However, there were those in 1940 who were against entering that war. It took an attack on the US to prompt the public to such a high level of support.

But, what if the government is wrong? Does a patriot have a duty to oppose the government to save the country? Is the country different from the government? The answer, of course, is yes on all accounts.

The Republicans should be the first to support the individual right to protest the government’s unlawful, deceitful and dishonest actions. After all, the Republicans are opposed to gun control because of the second amendment to the constitution. The second amendment is an effort to allow the people to protect themselves from a government that goes wacky.

However, it is the Republicans that are upset that not all 100% of the people are for the invasion and occupation of Iraq. They have a vision of a country universally supporting a righteous leader into battle to defend our country. The reality of the situation is much different. We have replaced the torture chambers of a foreign government with our own torture chambers. But, they are OK with us because they speak English.

It reminds me of a saying they had at Texas A&M University. This is the ground zero of conservative Texas. They did things just a bit different at Texas A&M. The reason for their activities was “tradition.” People were not asked to think and reason, but rather to follow tradition. When a new student wasn’t satisfied with the tradition or the reasoning behind it the common refrain was: “Highway 6 runs both ways.” In other words, if you don’t agree with us then get out of town.

Well, there are Aggies at Texas A&M who love the institution and want it to be better. And those Aggies are the ones who stuck it out and made the school into the World Class University that it is today. And, I believe that the patriots who are opposed to the current administration these patriots that will make this country respected in the eyes of the world again.