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Tuesday, September 28, 2004



The Bush campaign knows that fear is good for their election. They believe that the more fearful the public is the more people will support them. Of course this is irrational, but people are not rational when it comes to fear. Every time the Bush administration raises the terror alert level Bush’s approval ratings rise. When Bush invoked 9/11 at the Republican Convention his approval rating were raised as well.

So, it should be a surprise that the Bush administration is claiming that al Qada plans to disrupt the US elections. Of course they don’t have any specifics, so mentioning this to the public only acts to raise fear.

Of course Republican philosophy is based on fear. They believe that when employees fear they will loose their job then labor costs come down. If people fear that they may be laid off they will resist going in to their boss to ask for a raise. Reagan used this to great effect during his tenure. Of course Republicans also spread the fear of immigrants coming across the border to steal American jobs. They believe that people should fear the police so they won’t be tempted to break the law. But, it is all rapped up in the belief that people should fear God, so they will follow the rules of the Christian Religion. Fear is the Republican’s friend.

But, this may possibly backfire for the Republicans. If the Bush administration makes people fearful enough the people won’t show up to vote in the election. And, the people that actually believe the Bush administration are Republicans. So, if 10% of the Republicans should stay home because the Bush administration told them to fear the terrorists Kerry could triumph on November 2.

One can only hope.